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George Murphy

Arrived promptly. Shirt is well made with excellent print quality. Thank you!

Lisa Green

Very high quality, it was exactly as pictured and I was very happy with it!

Teresa Evans

Absolutely love it! Completely obsessed!

Douglas Scott

Love this hoodie so much

Bad Omens Merch: Bring a spooky atmosphere to your Bad Omens collection

Are you addicted to scary and spooky music? Are you a true metalheads? Then Bad Omens Merch will be the ideal destination for you. Inspired by the brutal melodies of heavy metal music, Bad Omens Merch was born with exclusive and premium designs for authentic metalheads. Follow us to discover the latest Bad Omens Collection!


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Bad Omens T-shirt:

T-shirts are always a hot item despite many fashion trends. Bringing the wearer the freedom and style of metalcore style, our Bad Omens T-shirt collection promises to provide metalheads with quality products. With premium design, breathable fabric and patterns imbued with the Bad Omens spirit, what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself and your friends.

Bad Omens Hoodie:

As winter days near, to avoid being bored with shirt styles such as sweaters and thermal shirts, hoodies are a wise choice. There’s nothing better than sitting in a cozy room, listening to the brutal sounds of metalcore’s impressive hooks while wearing a Bad Omens Hoodie from Bad Omens Merch. Trust us, our hoodie collection will make your winter experience even better.

Bad Omens Sweatshirt:

Welcoming the chilly atmosphere of winter, this time is not only an opportunity to immerse yourself in parties and reunions but also an ideal time to express yourself through colors, patterns and fashionable designs. The Bad Omens Sweatshirt collection from us will have you soaking up the spooky atmosphere, dramatic hooks and tingles of sensuous high-pitched harmonies enhanced by cinematic production. With high-end and diverse designs, we are proud to bring you products that enhance your fashion style.

Bad Omens Poster:

What do you think about living in a metalcore atmosphere? Oh, it was the best experience in the world! The Bad Omens Poster collection from our store was launched to satisfy the dreams of metalheads. Decorate your empty room with these heavy metal music posters!

Bad Omens Phone Case:

Dear metalheads, in an explosive concert with the deadly melodies of metalcore music, what do you most want to do? Definitely own a rock metal phone and capture these fiery moments. Then our Bad Omens Phone Case collection is here to fulfill your requirements. With sturdy materials and Bad Omens-inspired patterns, the Bad Omens Phone Case is waiting for you to own.

Bad Omens Mug:

Mugs with Bad Omens vibe will be the perfect gift for you and your friends this holiday season. They are a useful item for everyone and work to bring the exciting and fiery atmosphere of metalcore’s crazy melodies. In addition, a beautiful cup will make your drinking experience more enjoyable and relaxing. The Bad Omens Mug collection by Bad Omens Merch is ready. How about you?

Bad Omens Hat:

Fashionable hats are not only an accessory to keep warm in winter but also help enhance your fashion style. Coming to Bad Omens Hat collection of Bad Omens Merch, you will find warm, youthful and trendy hats. Combine Bad Omens hats with your outfit to make it even cooler!

Why should you order at Bad Omens Merch?

If you are looking for a place to order genuine and quality high-end Bad Omens products, Bad Omens Merch will be a reliable choice.
Dedicated to metalheads, Bad Omens Merch is committed to providing customers with quality products, beautiful designs, diverse styles and strong Bad Omens vibe. For T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and hats, we use high-quality, sweat-absorbent and easy-to-wash fabrics, preventing the products from wrinkling, shrinking or deforming after many uses. use. With other products such as mugs, posters and phone cases, we are committed to using good and durable materials. Besides, Bad Omens Merch also has sharp, durable images, logos, and slogans that do not peel or fade.
Not only does it have good product quality, Bad Omens Merch also provides enthusiastic consulting services, helping customers choose the right style, color and size to suit their needs. Our store’s dedicated and experienced staff ensures bringing customers beautiful products.
With such outstanding advantages, Bad Omens Merch will bring you the best experience of owning “cheap moments” with your idol.


Feel the spooky melodies of Bad Omens and upgrade your fashion style with the Bad Omens collection. We believe that with trendy Bad Omens-style designs, products from Bad Omens Merch will satisfy even the most demanding customers.